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FATCA & the W-8 Minefield

One of the consequences of FATCA is that financial institutions and their (overseas) clients are struggling to come to terms with evolving form requirements. One

FATCAs Impact on Singapore

FATCA is a term that must be familiar to anyone who deals with US institutions or US persons. Few of us in the International Business

FATCA and Singapore

I began thinking of FATCA compliance on the part of money managers after last month’s report that 2 Canadian money managers resident in the Caymans and

Pyramid Schemes

So the NY Post reported that Canada’s top consumer regulator has launched a formal inquiry into pyramid scheme complaints made against Herbalife. Federal Trade Commission Chair

FATCA and Trinidad

Earlier this month, an article on FATCA in the Trinidad Express extensively quoted a local attorney named David West.  Mr. West is the former Head

FATCA and the Petrodollar

Last week I spent time watching some videos in a new YouTube channel that I subscribed to, called FATCAForum and reading thru a website called