(NHR) Non Habitual Tax Status in Portugal

We have written on Portugal in the past – https://www.mooresrowland.tax/2019/10/brief-on-portugal-taxes-including-nhr.html

The NHR program is very nuanced and unfortunately it is often over simplified and people have the mistaken perception that you can “live in Portugal tax-free”. This is certainly not the case and the program is evolving. In fact there were big changes that came into play in 2020

In 2020, our Webinars on Portugal tax attracted just short of 400 people. Here’s a video where I give an update for 2020 – https://youtu.be/hTBWkjfj20A

We will do another in early 2021. See www.htj.tax for upcoming webinars

One thing that is not emphasized enough is that Portugal must be your center of life. Less experienced consultants would say that it is enough to just rent a room so you have an address and a rental contract registered. No this is certainly not correct. If your accommodation is registered with the local authorities by the landlord as a Alojamento Local (or Airbnb type accommodation) then the tax office may deem this insufficient to maintain Portugal tax domicile.

I had a very bad experience where I booked accommodation online from warmrental.com which was listed on housinganywhere.com. Unfortunately I did not follow my own advice and I paid a deposit without checking with my Portugal Tax Lawyer. She told me of the risk explained above a couple days after booking but days before I was due to move in. I lost over EUR2 000 as they refused my request for a refund. Times are hard in Portugal and rental agents are often desperate and will take any opportunity to pocket your money so please be careful. Get proper legal advice before ever handing over cash.


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