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Snapshot of ASEAN Tax Rates


Comments on Indonesian Visas

Massive disclaimer - This is not to be taken as legal advice.  These are casual views on visas gathered from various websites.  For legal advice, please contact a qualified Indonesian immigration attorney.

In general only two visas are relevant for the average tourist or business person visiting Indonesia: the visit visathe free exemption visa The Immigration Law in article 38 says: “A visit visa is granted to foreigners, who will travel into the Indonesian territory in order to perform government tasks, undertake educational, social or cultural activities, arrange tourism, handle business or family affairs, or are in transit to another country.”
This is a general description leading to various interpretations.  Article 38 gives better insights into the possibilities. A visit visa can be given to a visitor when he wants to be involved in the following activities: TourismFamily visitsSocial activitiesArt and cultureGovernment tasksNon-commercial sportsComparative study, short course, and…

NPWP for All Foreign Businesses Operating in Indonesia

Digital Nomad in Indonesia?  In Bali?  Pay attention to this.
The American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) today reported that Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance recently released Ministerial Regulation no. 35 / 2019 (PMK 35/2019) regarding Determination of Permanent Establishment (Penentuan Bentuk Usaha Tetap [BUT]). Several highlights from the regulation: The PMK requires any Foreign Individual or Foreign Body that conducts business activity in Indonesia in the form of a permanent establishment to register for a Tax ID Number (NPWP) (Article 2(1)) and declare themselves a Taxable Enterprise (Pengusaha Kena Pajak) (Article 3). The PMK also gives the Directorate General of Taxation the right to register Foreign Individuals or Foreign Bodies for an NPWP if they do not register for an NPWP themselves within one month of starting any business activity.
Article 4 of the PMK defines a permanent establishment as an establishment run by a Foreign Individual or Foreign Body to conduct business activit…

New Form 14457, Voluntary Disclosure Practice Preclearance Request and Application (4/16/19)

OVDP was withdrawn -

In early November 2018, the IRS made the following announcement -

In late November, 2018, we received a Memorandum from Kristen B. Wielobob, Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement, re Voluntary Disclosure Practice (LB&I-09-1118-014 dated 11/20/18),

Summary of the memo from is as follows - 
1.  The guidance applies to all voluntary disclosures, whether offshore or otherwise, received after 9/28/18.  Readers will recall that that date was the conclusion of the IRS's OVDP 2014, the program (with predecessors) that applied to offshore voluntary disclosures.  But, remember that this guidance applies to all voluntary disclosures.
2.  Voluntary d…

Impact of US Tax Reform on Singapore business

The SMU-TA Centre for Excellence in Taxation (SMU-TA CET) was set up by Singapore Management University and the Tax Academy of Singapore, to undertake tax research with a focus on international taxation. More importantly, they host regular technical talks both to disseminate research and stimulate further discussion on important tax matters.

On March 28th, SMU – TA CET’s Dr Dong Yue gave a technical tax entitled – “Tax Reform Implications for US Business and Foreign Investments – the Singapore Perspective. But why is this topic important? Well, I will allow 3 sets of numbers prove the importance of this topic –
In 2017, Singapore was the US’ 13th largest good export market whilst the US was Singapore’s third largest trading partnerSingapore’s direct investment into the US amounts to $29.31bUS Companies account for more than 20% of all foreign direct investment into Singapore – $339.27b in 2017On Friday, Decembe…