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Another Look at C Corps vs S Corps in light of Tax Reform

Interesting extract from the August 2018 edition of the Tax Adviser.  The point is that we shouldn't rush to C Corp structures without doing proper analysis.  For many, the pass through remains the more tax efficient option

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Tax expert sees long-term growth for PHL economy through BPO, remittances Posted: August 7th, 2018 ˑ Filled under: Business ˑ 

By Wendell Gaa The Philippines is one of four countries which Derren Joseph calls home. A Managing Partner at the tax consulting firm Hayden T. Joseph & Co., Derren has been delightfully enjoying living and working in the Philippines on-and-off for the past two years now. Every month you can find Derren working out of his Moores-Rowland Philippines & Co. office at the Philippine Stock Exchange Center in Pasig City. The large accounting consulting firm with over 200 employees has maintained an office in Manila for more than 20 years. “Most of what we do is clean-up work,” he said. He explained his work further: “The vast majority of FilAm business owners have been poorly advised by ‘friends.’ For example, someone who does domestic tax would find it difficult to advise on international tax matters. It is a whole different sub-discipline. With the authori…