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Dormant Foreign Corporations and Form 5471 - Rev. Proc. 92-70, 1992-2 C.B. 435


This revenue procedure provides a summary filing procedure for filing Form 5471 with respect to dormant foreign corporations described in section 3 below. Persons complying with this revenue procedure satisfy their Form 5471 filing obligations under sections 6038(a)(1), 6038(a)( 4), and 6046(a)(3) with respect to dormant foreign corporations and will not be subject to penalties related to the failure to timely file a complete Form 5471 and to timely furnish information requested thereon.


.01 Section 6038(a)(l) imposes information reporting requirements on any United States person who controls a foreign corporation. Pursuant to section 6038(a)(4), the information reporting requirements prescribed in section 6038 (a)( 1) also are imposed on any United States person who is treated as a United States shareholder of any foreign corporation that is treated as a controlled foreign corporation for any purpose under subpart F.

.02 Section 6046(a)(3) impos…