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What is a PFIC ?!

While many portions of the U.S. tax code possess confusing and sometimes harsh rulings, the tax regime for Passive Foreign Investment Companies (PFIC) is almost unmatched in its complexity and almost draconian features. Countless times, our international clients have come to us to prepare what they thought would be straightforward tax returns- only to later learn that the small investment they had made in a non-US mutual fund was now subjecting them to all the concomitant filing requirements and tax obligations. While it is beyond the scope of this article to cover all the numerous details related to PFIC reporting requirements, my hope is to provide guidance and insight into the world of PFICs.
History The PFIC tax regime was created via the Tax Reform Act of 1986 with the intent to level the playing field for US based investment funds (ie mutual funds). Prior to the legislation of 1986, U.S.-based mutual funds were forced to pass-through all investment income earned by the fund to it…

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