Pyramid Schemes

So the NY Post reported that Canada’s top consumer regulator has launched a formal inquiry into pyramid scheme complaints made against Herbalife.

Federal Trade Commission Chair Edith Ramirez is also feeling the heat to investigate it.

Herbalife, a multi-level marketer, has strongly denied allegations it is a pyramid scheme. The FTC said a company can be considered a pyramid scheme if its distributors make more money from recruitment than from selling product to consumers outside the network.

Multi-level marketing, network marketing....ponzi scheme?  As far back as I could remember these things have come and gone.  Amway, Mary Kay etc etc.  Some are also saying that Organo Gold also qualifies as a pyramid scheme.1040 US Singapore

I am by no means criticizing the business model.  After all, it does work for those that get in early enough.  To everyone else....good luck!


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